Factory direct selling 94%-97% Calcium chloride Anhydrous Granular  prill powder


Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:YC
Model Number:YC-15
Certification:SGS  ISO


Minimum Order Quantity:1 ton
Packaging Details:25kg/bag or 1000kgs big bag can be customized accoring to customer’s requirement
Delivery Time:<100 Ton  within 10 days >100 Ton  To be negotiated 
Payment Terms:TT   LC  D/A   D/P
Supply Ability:6000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
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Calcium chloride  Anhydrous

Calcium chloride is an inorganic salt, solid calcium chloride is a white crystal that can be divided into the sheet according to the shape of different granular and powdered, granular, ball, at the same time, due to the different calcium chloride crystallization water contained normally and solid calcium chloride can be divided into two calcium chloride anhydrous calcium chloride and water. Due to the high solubility, high inherent in calcium chloride solution heat, strong moisture absorption, low temperature aqueous solution is not easy to freeze the unique physical properties, such as to make it in such as winter melts the ice and snow, road dust, oil drilling, moisture absorption has a wide range of uses. 


ItemCalcium Chloride DihydrateCalcium Chloride Anhydrous
Chemical FormulaCaCl2.2H2OCaCl2
Purity as CaCl274%min.94%min.
Alkalinity as Ca(OH)20.2%max.0.25%max.
Total Alkali Chloride (as NaCl)5.0%max.5.0%max.
Water Insoluble0.15%max.0.25% max.
Total Magnesium (as MgCl2)0.5%max.
Sulfate(as CaSO4)0.05%max.
AppearanceWhite flake,powder,granule,pelletWhite powder,pellet
Standard Packaging25kgs/1000kgs woven bags with PE liner inside or according to customer’s request.

Calcium Chloride Anhydrous 94%-96% Pellet/Prills

Product Nane: Calcium Chloride 94% min

 Class:calcium chloride anhydrous Chemical

 Formula:CaCl2 Cas No.:10043-52-4

Calcium Chloride 94%Min Powder

Product Nane: Calcium Chloride 94% min

Class:calcium chloride anhydrous

Chemical Formula:CaCl2

Cas No.:10043-52-4


1. Roads, highways, parking lots, airports, golf courses, etc. 
2. Oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid; 
3. Petrochemical dehydrating fluid; 
4. Eliminate dust from roads and mining areas; 
5. Early strength of construction industry, improving concrete strength and curing agent of paint; 
6. Used as a desiccant for moisture-proof; The drying medium of gas and liquid in process; 
7. Latex coagulant in rubber industry; 
8. As chlorination agent and additive in ferrous metallurgical industry; 
9. As an additive and waste paper deinking agent in papermaking industry; 
In the chemical industry, the coagulant of sodium alginate is used as the raw material of inorganic chemicals and the removal agent of sulphate root. 
11. Refrigeration industry is used for refrigeration cycle media; 
12. Used in the control of wheat, apple, cabbage and other decaying and food preservatives; 
13. Used in dye and printing and dyeing industry. 
14. Food additive calcium chloride can be used as stabilizer, coagulant, nutritive fortifier, thickening agent and so on